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The credit union's foundation of strong customer service, combined with Nationwide's significant resources and access to a wide customer base, will create a strong financial institution with a compelling competitive advantage," said Anne Arvia, Nationwide Bank president.
He's just 113th on the Nationwide money list, which would be his worst finish on tour.
At issue was whether Nationwide had the right under the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act to go through the e-mail of Richard Fraser, at the time an agent for Nationwide, without his consent.
All week we have been giving away a replica shirt from each of the 94 clubs in the Nationwide League and Conference.
Darden's contract with Nationwide provided that he would forfeit all benefits under the Plan if he violated, among other things, a specific noncompetition provision in his agent's contract.
After experiencing the economic turbulence of the past several years, clients are looking to advisors to provide protection against severe downturns, while maintaining the ability to take advantage of market gains," said Eric Henderson, senior vice president of Annuities and Life Insurance for Nationwide Financial.
This transaction represents a very effective use of capital that will drive value creation for shareholders, and reflects our confidence in the long-term outlook for Nationwide Financial," said Mark Thresher, president and chief operating officer of Nationwide Financial.
3 yards - which would have won the PGA Tour driving championship by more than 10 yards in his rookie season of 1996 - doesn't even make the PGA's top 10 this week and would place 35th in the Nationwide Tour standings.
Over the next four days - starting with the Nationwide Division One today and finishing with Nationwide Conference on Monday - we will give away a replica shirt from each of the 94 Nationwide League and Conference clubs.
To help participants achieve this goal, Nationwide Financial Services, Inc.

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