native character

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The remaining thirteen are ones in which a white character of the present day interacts with a ghost-like Native character of the past, or, that are simply set in the past.
It's not often you will find approximately 4,000 people showing up to see a play about a fictional Native character written by a 19th century German writer named Karl May, who reportedly had never been to North America.
A biography of a patriotic Filipino, which has recently been published by a member of the faculty of the [Austrian] University of Leitmeritz, may throw some light on the native character.
Content archived and put on legal hold in the EMC SourceOne archive is fully supported in the native character sets including multi byte languages.
They frequently use domestic grape varietals such as sangiovese to give their wines more native character.
The collagen structure of the ingredient is similar to that of human skin and the native character is maintained after processing, virtually eliminating incompatibilities.
4) If so, are native character assemblages re-created by selection?
26) There is no attempt to portray Danny or any other Native character through either of Hobson's "nauseating stereotypes," as "red devils" or "noble savages.
Can users in France, Sweden, or Germany find add-on package--and in their native character sets?
Nearly twenty years later a Native character surfaces in Southern California in Saved by the Bell "Running Zack" to transform a white character into an "Indian.