native environment

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23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- About biopreservation Biopreservation is the process of preserving the functionality and integrity of cells, tissues, and organs outside the native environment for extended storage time at different temperatures.
The Offshore, Marine and Heavy Equipment Zone will allow exhibitors to showcase their sub-sea and marine products and services in their native environment, a unique advantage that will offer both participants and visitors a valuable experience," he added.
The Longford-Westmeath Deputy said: "Longford has already experienced social and criminal problems visited upon the county by families exported from their native environment in the city of Dublin to previously quiet towns and villages.
It was added to the collection at Kew Gardens in 1817 but, being invasive, it escaped from cultivation and had entered the native environment by 1828.
ey are perfectly ne in their native environment, which is the oak and hickory forests of north America, but they shouldn't be here.
New farming techniques and technologies have been utilized to improve the quality and quantity of harvest, and the impact of the farm on the native environment has driven the implementation of sustainable practices.
That's cool and obviously relevant to how plants would be affected in their native environment," notes analytical chemist Mark Schoenfisch of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
The book's text on each species includes information on whether the species is native, its qualities as a planted tree, its effects in the native environment, and its uses in commercial or farm products and as food or medicine.
Blueprints, composed either by Red Hat or the administrator, define everything an application needs to run in a particular native environment.
Led by Paul Weiss from UCLA and Fraser Stoddart from Northwestern University, the team developed a molecular design that firmly attached rotaxanes to a surface, enabling them to be individually examined in their native environment by a scanning tunneling microscope (STM).
As part of its "Vanishing Art in Nature" feature, the arboretum also has invited local artists to create temporary sculptures that draw out the characteristics of the native environment.
The hospital is surrounded by open space landscaped to fit the native environment and includes drought tolerant plants and wetlands.

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