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Native Ground Blinds' new Mohican is designed to make no noise while in use for maximum stealth and concealment.
Or is there a native ground cover that would be better?
And think how each has a gut-wrenching story to tell, about fleeing from one's home and homeland, one's native ground, constantly harassed in exile by the shadow of hunger and a lack of identity.
Though one is reluctant to apply Kathleen Duval's label "native ground" to the Great Lakes country, Willig convincingly shows that its Indian peoples remained determined to choose their own fates and that the British had to respect those choices if they wanted to preserve their fragile postrevolutionary empire.
Hermano Puli returned to his native ground, gathering his flock and transplanting them to the foothills of the mystic mountain of Banahaw.
Personally, I am pleased with the deal also due to the fact that both companies are Czech-based and its nice to sign a contract on native ground once in a while.
There is a precipitous decline in percent native ground cover with increasing LAI that levels off with the highest LAI (Fig.
When you return to native ground, you're more likely to possess the sort of perceptiveness that Isaiah Berlin says is the basis of political judgment.
And that is the value of this book--two Slovenians were sufficiently inspired by the presence of a great American writer on their native ground to pursue his protagonist's long faded footprints.
Native Ground Books & Music is a premier publisher of authentic American folk music mixed with regional history anecdotes and background information.
Or l'historiographie, notamment en Amerique du nord, a beaucoup travaille sur ces questions depuis plus de vingt ans, en apportant des notions comme celles de << borderlands >>, << middle ground >> ou << native ground >>, ou encore de << common and contested ground >> utilise justement pour decrire une realite pre-canadienne.
Now, Six Poets from the Mountain South provides a much needed update to Rita Sims Quillen's seminal but brief Looking for Native Ground: Contemporary Appalachian Poetry (Appalachian Consortium Press, 1989), which focuses on the earlier careers of four of Lang's six poets.

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