native land

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Lack of education facilities in her native land forced Mehsud to shift to Islamabad at an early age.
According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, for many young people who were born in big cities, for example, in Minsk, the concept of native land is not filled with such meaning as for people from small towns and villages.
1913 - The South African Government pass the Native Land Act, which restricts purchase or lease of land by native Africans.
tribe has started to their native land in Upper Orakzai Agency here on Thursday.
Peshawar -- After a gap of at least ten years, repatriation of people of Mamuzai tribe has started to their native land in Upper Orakzai Agency here on Thursday.
In this sense, native-land literature, as Shan Ding declared it, "is a synonym of patriotic literature, since in Russian 'native land' and 'mother country' are indicated by the same word" ("Northeast Native-Land Literature" 371).
"People living in these areas should get their native land back.
He also had to leave his native land, which was ravaged by the civil war of the 1990s, in many ways a staging ground for the slaughter and devastation that religious fanaticism would soon spread to other parts of the world.
The Northwest Ordinance: Constitutional Politics and the Theft of Native Land
Endeavoring for the transformation of the tarnished image of his native land, he considers music especially the traditional music of the Pushtoons of the area with local traditions and taste, as the cogent medium for the purpose.
But the current Indian Muslim population chose to stay in their native land despite having the choice of migrating to Pakistan.
The tenth Rialto World Music Festival continues tomorrow with the concert Musical Landscapes of Native Land from the Yamma Ensemble from Israel.