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Bachi also engages in a sort of dialogue with Albert Camus (191360), another child of Algeria who loved his native land but could not survive there.
Alexander, a fiction and nonfiction writer and editor, re-examines the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 and illustrates the link between slavery and the theft of Native land.
Talking to reporter, displaced persons including Kaptan Afridi, Janis Khan and Foj Gul Said that today they were feeling better to come to their native land.
The committee's decision to reject the plan is now the subject of a bitterly-fought appeal launched by Native Land.
He therefore discusses divergent views of Native land rights; geopolitical disputes between the French, British, Indians, and colonies over the future of the Ohio Valley; the existence and impact of other pre-Revolutionary speculative ventures besides the one represented by McIntosh; the rivalry between Virginia and Pennsylvania over western lands; the role of McIntosh and his allied speculators in the ratification of the Articles of Confederation; the cession of Virginia's charter claims in the Ohio Valley; the federal government's evolving policy regarding Indian lands; the motivations of the Indians in selling their lands; the impact on relationships with other tribes; and the eventual fate of the Indians involved.
McIntosh decision and its history provides a fine survey of the history of Native land rights in this country, offering considerations of how speculative ventures in Native lands affected not only the Indians but the outcomes of wars and encounters with others interested in American soil.
Investors from the Arabian Gulf state of Qatar have taken a 45 per cent stake in the London-based developer of luxury property, Native Land in the
Summary: LONDON - A group of Qatari investors have snapped up a stake in London luxury property developer Native Land, the latest in a string of deals in which the oil-rich Gulf state has extended its ownership of Britain's capital in recent years.
20 July 2012 - British luxury real estate developer Native Land said a Gulf-based investor had acquired a 45% stake in it, but did not disclose its name or the amount paid for the shares.
Together, the settlements may exceed the amount of compensation the federal government has paid out in over three decades of Native land claim settlements in New Brunswick, which is roughly $20 million to date.
FABIO CAPELLO was public enemy No1 in his native land last night after accusing Italian football of being run by the hooligan Ultras.
As usual, it is claimed that his/her life will be in danger if they are returned to their native land, in this case the Congo.