native soil

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After all, Passepartout, who had been away from France five years, would not be sorry to set foot on his native soil again.
yet to every person in Europe, it may be truly said, that at the distance of only a few degrees from his native soil, the glories of another world are opened to him.
They must have regretted that they had not died before their exile; for even the English would not have been so pitiless as to deny them graves in their native soil.
It was strange, too, to observe how the earth, out of which they had so lately grown, was incrusted, here and there, on their bright breastplates, and even, begrimed their faces; just as you may have seen it clinging to beets and carrots, when pulled out of their native soil.
By and by, however, it seemed as though he was to return safely after all, for the gods backed the wind into its old quarter and they reached home; whereon Agamemnon kissed his native soil, and shed tears of joy at finding himself in his own country.
But head coach Warren Gatland vowed his team will learn the tough lessons from their 3-0 thumping on his native soil.
Home advantage could make a huge difference for Chile, who have lost just one of their last 15 games on native soil.
1979: The Pope is greeted by two million people as he sets foot on his native soil of Poland.
3 shows a sub-ballast layer of a mixture of native soil with a deformation modulus of 500 MPa and thickness of 0.
The English poet Rudyard Kipling wrote; 'Our hearts where they rocked our cradle, our love where we spent our toil and our faith, and our hope, and our honor, We pledge to our native soil.