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Nativity Lutheran Church is by Pacific Northwest standards an average-sized congregation in the Northwest Washington Synod of the ELCA located in the suburban bedroom community of Fairwood, about twenty-five miles southeast of Seattle.
The Nativity Factor is a short film competition by ITN Productions and Jerusalem Productions.
On Christmas Eve 1223, the saint created the first nativity in the Italian city of Greccio.
As churches and families around the country dust off their Nativity figures the Pope added many of them are about as authentic as plastic characters from Star Wars or Spiderman movies.
Rev Butland said: "Many adults' fondest memories of Christmas come from taking part in the Nativity as a child.
Lake County Visitors Bureau, a US-based government agency for promoting travel and tourism in Lake County, Ohio, has announced opening of The Seventh Annual Nativity Exhibit (the Exhibit) on November 27, 2009.
In The No No Nativity, the vicar seeks sponsorship for the school nativity and gains support from more than 30 firms, but then lands himself in trouble when they ask him to write them into the biblical story.
ZENA SAYS: John Lewis (, 0845 604 9049) has a wooden Nativity Advent Calendar for pounds 15 with 24 drawers that you can fill with your own treats.
The Nativity of Jesus, or simply the Nativity, is the account of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospels, and various apocryphal accounts that are a key element of traditional Christian mythology.
One of the finest Christmas customs is the presentation of the story of Christ's birth in a creche, or nativity scene--and ART OF THE CRECHE celebrates this art, surveying over a hundred nativities from around the world and the craft involved in their production.
PAUL, MINN.: Even Black Nativity, the exuberant gospel song play with deep roots in the African-American experience, has evolved beyond the authorial grasp of Langston Hughes.
Two recent film offerings demonstrate once again that Hollywood can make wonderful movies that inspire and entertain: One Night With the King and The Nativity Story.