natural ability

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2 SM961 SSD: 1TB 850 I was able to fend of a unit of Stormtroopers using my obvious natural ability and a fancy laser sword.
Natural Ability, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, had stalled its plans for supported tenancies and respite accommodation due to reductions in social care budgets.
And was it his natural ability or the influence of Sir Alex Ferguson that carved out his journey?
The test shows that students with natural ability on average will tend to improve without added training.
On her first plunge into the water she finds out that she has a natural ability as her legs change into a fishtail in the school pool.
It is considered by the company to be a whole body superfood, which contains a nutrient-rich blend of premium, organic foods that actively enhance the benefits of flax and stimulate the body's own natural ability to heal itself.
John Scott, UK's acting director of Drug-Free Sport, said: 'The programme is all about making young people believe in their own natural ability and understand they don't need to take banned substances to succeed in sport.
In yet another obesity and caloric intake-related disagreement, the National Soft Drink Association (NSDA) shot back a fiery response to a study by researchers at Purdue University who recently suggested that artificial sweeteners might disrupt the body's natural ability to "count calories" based on foods' sweetness.
It is the promotion of women's natural ability to care in the public sphere, as well as the private sphere, that has led to the creation of professions like nursing and social work, she notes.
Because of his natural ability, Henry describes his earlier years of playing as more or less operating on automatic pilot.
The M+M program is designed to enhance our natural ability to think in pictures, and emphasizes challenging math problems, particularly fraction models; graphing; p]ace value; pre-algebra; ratio and proportion; shape visualization, patterns, ordering and congruency; and symmetry operations, rotations and unfolding.
With collagen as the base, gelatin possesses a natural ability to jell but requires manipulation and preparation in its commercial form.