natural courtesy

See: decorum
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If Bahrainis are known internationally for anything, then it is for their natural courtesy and generous hospitality.
He treated everyone with respect and a natural courtesy.
Sir Ming, who has charm, experience, a natural courtesy and much gravitas' his age and one very sorry appearance at Question Time makes one reconsider.
In his visits to Africa, James Griffiths's natural courtesy and warmth for those he met derived, he felt, from having a shared experience of oppression and of existing outside the political establishment.
The Romantic Movement spread the idea that there is a sort of natural courtesy that man, unspoilt by society, reveals.
Unlike European countries, we in Wales extend our natural courtesy to our English visitors,by ensuring that every road sign in Wales is printed in both Welsh and English.
He had absolutely no natural courtesy or sympathy and no awareness of his lack of these qualities although his intelligence and ability were unmatched at Westminster.
But in all his films, his characters portray a natural courtesy and dignity which characterise the American version of the Noble Savage.