natural disposition

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It was a rather gloomy dwelling for one who was neither a recluse nor a student, and I think it gave something of its character to me-- perhaps some of its former occupant's character; for always I felt in it a certain melancholy that was not in my natural disposition, nor, I think, due to loneliness.
Whenever Mrs Deborah had occasion to exert any extraordinary condescension to Mrs Bridget, and by that means had a little soured her natural disposition, it was usual with her to walk forth among these people, in order to refine her temper, by venting, and, as it were, purging off all ill humours; on which account she was by no means a welcome visitant: to say the truth, she was universally dreaded and hated by them all.
Leandra's youth furnished an excuse for her fault, at least with those to whom it was of no consequence whether she was good or bad; but those who knew her shrewdness and intelligence did not attribute her misdemeanour to ignorance but to wantonness and the natural disposition of women, which is for the most part flighty and ill-regulated.
It is true that this people has a natural disposition to goodness; they are very liberal of their alms, they much frequent their churches, and are very studious to adorn them; they practise fasting and other mortifications, and notwithstanding their separation from the Roman Church, and the corruptions which have crept into their faith, yet retain in a great measure the devout fervour of the primitive Christians.
But, after all, what worked most to the young carpenter's disadvantage was, first, the reserve and sternness of his natural disposition, and next, the fact of his not being a church-communicant, and the suspicion of his holding heretical tenets in matters of religion and polity.
Religion is the natural disposition which God has instilled into man" (Quran 30:30).
When an employee's natural disposition diverges too much from what is required to do a job well, a strengths approach will only serve to highlight his or her unsuitability to the role and, possibly, the company.
Surveying around 120 college seniors in the job-seeking process, researchers found that those with a strong "learning goal orientation" (LGO)--a natural disposition to learn from every situation in life, rejections and non-returned calls included--reacted to failures by putting more intensity into the search process compared to job seekers who had a low LGO.
So if self-regulation isn't part of your natural disposition, nor did your care providers encourage it while growing up, try these strategies so that you're more mindful about the decisions you make.
Such a natural disposition is the negation and antithesis of civilization" (Ibn Khaldun).
7) To say that something is a natural disposition is to say that whatever is able to possess it owes this ability to being a member of a natural kind.
The Polish Ambassador to Bulgaria presented the new "extremely positive" logo, which said was a symbol of the natural disposition of all Poles.