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10), (17) Promoting Natural Family Planning in Rwanda Catholic-affiliated groups such as the Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH) at Georgetown University have received significant investments from USAID to develop and support natural family planning methods based on fertility awareness.
Time is overdue for the world government and state governments to do a reality check and re-discover the 'goodness', and 'effectiveness' inbuilt in Natural Family Planning which is not un-scientific either to reduce world population in a systematic, ethical and healthy way.
NATURAL family planning can be as effective as other methods in preventing pregnancy when the person using it has been properly trained and is sensible in its use.
News reports described this speculative potential for "multiple ovulations" as if they had actually occurred and questioned the efficacy of natural family planning methods requiring accurate estimates of the days when a woman is fertile.
The 74-year-old nun and research chemist now runs Messengers of Love - a group that provides advice on natural family planning and healing therapies augmented through the power of prayer from her home in Corsham in Wiltshire.
This is a good method for people who for religious reasons prefer to use natural family planning, and also for people who don't want to take hormones and don't want to have surgery" or an invasive procedure, she said in an interview.
are requesting that any aid program that we may embark upon in any foreign land include information and services which relate to and support natural family planning methods.
Saturday's program included workshops on contraception and natural family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, sex education, pro-life legislation, assisted suicide and medical ethics.
Family planning" means the process of establishing objectives for the number and spacing of a family's children, and selecting the means (including natural family planning methods, adoption, infertility services and general reproductive health care, abstinence and contraception) by which those objectives may be achieved.
Throughout the document runs the idea that couples and individuals should have access to safe and effective methods of contraception, including but not limited to natural family planning.
I am privileged to be able to teach Natural Family Planning, the ONLY method which allows for male and female responsibility in family planning.
use some form of contraception, compared to three percent who use natural family planning, according to a 1991 study.