natural fitness

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And how perfect a proof of the natural fitness and, I may almost say, the divine origin of the aristocratic constitution of the States in Flatland!
Good Luke felt, after the manner of contented hard-working men whose lives have been spent in servitude, that sense of natural fitness in rank which made his master's downfall a tragedy to him.
Was it possible that Magdalen's unintelligible industry in the study of her part really sprang from a serious interest in her occupation -- an interest which implied a natural fitness for it.
Best attributes: Natural fitness (18), agility (15), off the ball (15), determination (15), finishing (14), acceleration (14) and balance (14).
"He's always had a good engine and natural fitness and he just needs a good run of games.
Natural fitness is not a problem for Reid, who is built like a butcher's dog.
His jumping, pace and natural fitness all rank in the mid-teens.
They are now ORTHDX (Orthodox) Natural Fitness which conveys their philosophy of a holistic (comprehensive) approach to fitness.
Having started the past two games, the 23-year-old is facing the prospect of playing eight or nine consecutive games in a position that requires a lot of stamina and natural fitness.
Coyle said: "We always knew Chris had decent natural fitness but what we need to do is build up his match fitness.
"Yes, you go," said United boss Jose Mourinho, confident that Carrick's natural fitness and common sense would mean he would return in match-ready condition.
O'Neill said: "I would probably wait a bit longer for Jon than I might wait for a few others in terms of what he's done for us and in terms of his natural fitness."