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adjective artless, authentic, characteristic, connate, consistent, crude, free from affectation, genuine, inborn, inbred, indigenous, ingenerate, ingrained, innate, innatus, instinctive, instinctual, lifelike, native, nativus, normal, organic, original, pure, real, regular, true to life, typical, unadulterated, unartificial, uncultivated, unsynthetic, untouched
Associated concepts: natural law
See also: bodily, born, common, conventional, current, customary, familiar, genuine, habitual, informal, ingenuous, inherent, innate, legitimate, naive, native, normal, organic, physical, prevailing, real, realistic, regular, simple, sincere, spontaneous, unaffected, undistorted, unobtrusive, unpretentious, usual, veridical

SERVITUDES, NATURAL, civil law. Those servitudes which arise in consequence of the nature of the soil.
     2. By law the inferior heritages, are submitted in relation to the natural flow of waters, and the like, to the superior. An inferior field is, therefore, subject to the injury or prejudice which the situation of the ground, in its natural state, way cause it.

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In his prologue, Peter Ng poses the question, "why a natural history museum?
Jamaica (Chapter 1) and Mark Catesby's Natural History (Chapter 2), Part I, "The Nature of Slavery," makes the persuasive claim that natural history was the genre that helped readers navigate the new epistemological conditions of a transoceanic empire fueled by speculative economies and the slave trade.
The specimen is open for public display in Pakistan Museum of Natural History.
Besides this, PMNH also publishes natural history books, field guides, monographs, research articles, popular literature, technical reports, bulletins, brochures and pamphlets for the promotion of scientific research and public awareness.
Based on a compelling analysis of a vast array of natural history texts, manuscripts, and correspondence between naturalists, Cooper asserts that the influx of so-called "exotic" commodities and knowledge from foreign lands fostered a new urge among Europeans to document local--or indigenous--vegetation and natural resources as a means of asserting territoriality and coming to grips with the foreign influences that increasingly surrounded them.
Ogilvie's study is important because it offers a plausible and convincing explanation for the rise of natural history as an individual and, in some ways, idiosyncratic discipline in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
1 -- cover -- color) If arachnids creep you out, head over to the Natural History Museum to see the SPIDER-MAN
Rosenfeld and Kay performed a meta-analysis of 63 articles to determine the natural history of untreated AOM and otitis media with effusion (OME).
His playground was the American Museum of Natural History, where his mother worked with anthropologist Margaret Mead.
The Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition is the world's most prestigious wildlife photographic competition, organised each year by the Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine.
Another show, British Isles: A Natural History, will see TV gardener Alan Titchmarsh take on a new role as a natural history presenter.

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