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Major players operating in the global natural language processing in healthcare market and included in this report are Apple, Inc.
Another example of natural language processing being explored is a system where a computer would be able to read a book, store the information about the book, and then answer questions about the book.
1996) defined template mining as a natural language processing (NLP) technique used to extract data directly from text if either the data and/ or text surrounding the data form recognizable patterns.
The American Institute of CPAs information technology research subcommittee has been studying this field and has prepared a management advisory services special report on natural language processing--An Introduction to Natural Language Processing, to be published in April.
NLP hub is an aggregator of news about Natural Language Processing and other related topics, such as Text Mining, Information Retrieval, Linguistics or Machine Learning.
Cambridge Mobile presented a natural language processing system focused on support for mobile conversational applications.
ClearForest Semantic Web Services-1 (SWS-1) leverages the power of over a decade of research and product development in natural language processing, text extraction and event detection, making these capabilities available now as a standard web service.
the leader in integrative analytics platforms, today announced that the company has entered into a partnership agreement with Linguamatics, a leading player in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its use in text search and mining.
Unlike historical approaches to machine translation, which stalled at relatively poor accuracy plateaus years ago, Language Weaver continues to innovate and pioneer new technologies that return greater accuracy, more natural language processing and high value business applications that can improve business and cultural relations.

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