natural liking

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Jacquotte had a natural liking for cleanliness, so she kept the house neat and clean.
Owing to the influence of fashion and women's natural liking for a variation of 'fine feathers',' there are few women who can claim that they always wear all their clothes until they are worn out.
It is possible that you may have a natural liking for Pakistani dishes, but you are not the only person in the world to have preferences
Turkish Van cats have a natural liking for Quiz of the Day ANSWERS: 1 The Jordan; 2 Cycling; 3 Water; 4 Urdu and English; 5 Phil Collins; 6 Spain and Portugal; 7 International Sailing Federation; 8 Minnehoma; 9 Buddleia; 10 1973.
You can start to feel a lot more gregarious, and if you have a natural liking for clothes shopping, you may check in for some full-on retail therapy.
But I think we have a natural liking for salt in our Welsh tastebuds that predates the Industrial Revolution.
While Arsene Wenger has recruited Frenchmen at Highbury, and Luca Vialli has a natural liking for Italians, Gross has a deep personal knowledge of the Bundesliga.