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adjective artless, authentic, characteristic, connate, consistent, crude, free from affectation, genuine, inborn, inbred, indigenous, ingenerate, ingrained, innate, innatus, instinctive, instinctual, lifelike, native, nativus, normal, organic, original, pure, real, regular, true to life, typical, unadulterated, unartificial, uncultivated, unsynthetic, untouched
Associated concepts: natural law
See also: bodily, born, common, conventional, current, customary, familiar, genuine, habitual, informal, ingenuous, inherent, innate, legitimate, naive, native, normal, organic, physical, prevailing, real, realistic, regular, simple, sincere, spontaneous, unaffected, undistorted, unobtrusive, unpretentious, usual, veridical

SERVITUDES, NATURAL, civil law. Those servitudes which arise in consequence of the nature of the soil.
     2. By law the inferior heritages, are submitted in relation to the natural flow of waters, and the like, to the superior. An inferior field is, therefore, subject to the injury or prejudice which the situation of the ground, in its natural state, way cause it.

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Karami [11] in a study entitled reception areas of natural resources conservation training in developing countries (case study: Iran) found that a multiple model of combination of training patterns and farm structure is the most powerful model for explaining behavior of adoption of soil conservation practices by farmers.
A spokesman for Natural Resources Wales said that, in its first year, the priorities for the new body would be to: | Protect people and their homes as far as possible from environmental incidents such as flooding and pollution; | Maintain and improve the quality of the environment, including the promotion of nature conservation, access and recreation; | Provide opportunities for people to learn, use and benefit from Wales' natural resources; | Support Wales' economy by using natural resources to support jobs and enterprise; | Help businesses understand and work with environmental, social and economic impacts when they bring forward proposals; | Help make the environment and natural resources more resilient to climate change and other pressures.
Emyr Roberts, chief executive of Natural Resources Wales, said: "We look forward to building on the achievements of the previous bodies and develop innovative solutions to the challenges facing the people, the economy and environment in Wales.
Vahanvati also said the doctrine applies to natural resources like air and water to which public had a right to free access.
The driving force behind Dubai Natural Resources World is the alarming shortage of natural resource supply across the world, combined with the competition for resources in emerging new markets.
On the African continent UNEP has been working in Liberia, where the misuse of natural resources has not only been a source of conflict but has also sustained it.
Development that sustains and restores natural resources is one of the biggest opportunities in the history of commerce, says Theodore Roosevelt IV.
The building's dedication to energy efficiency, air quality, water conservation and conservation of the Earth's other natural resources is earning The Solaire broad acclaim as one of the most significant residential real estate development projects in the U.
Geological Survey-National Wildlife Health Center and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.
On May 24, 1996, Tax Executives Institute submitted the following comment to the Internal Revenue Service on proposed regulations under section 863(b) of the Internal Revenue Code concerning the sourcing of income from export sales of inventory and natural resources.
NatureLink was developed to reestablish awareness of the links between people and natural resources using an outdoor setting like a camp.

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