natural science

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The table uses Braddock's method to calculate labor demand (number of job openings) and compares these with the number of degrees awarded in natural science and engineering, based upon the model given by equation 1 in table 2.
Natural sciences rooted in the observation of nature
Systematic theology, in my judgment, should be pursued with as much rigor and logical exactitude as research programs within the natural sciences. On the other hand, I believe that systematic theology will be unduly hampered in its scope and effectiveness if it becomes preoccupied with issues of empirical verification.
For instance, Pierre Bourdieu (1975) argues that the division between the natural sciences and the social sciences may be the natural outgrowth of class (or elite) domination:
Dennis has donated 20 pieces of brand new modern microscopes to the College of Natural Sciences named after him at the Cuttington University (CU).
There are 2,000 employees in firms conducting researches in the natural science and engineering fields and 735 employees in the social science and humanities.
We also apologise to the public and are checking the matter in detail to ensure accuracy and justice for natural science students by cancelling the first result announcement on September 9,' Soveacha said.
In a parliamentary question to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu on Wednesday, main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) lawmaker Umut Oran said a total of 36 universities' chemistry departments, 31 universities' physics departments, 22 universities' biology departments and seven universities' mathematics departments will not accept students in the 2015-2016 academic year and that the number of natural science departments at state universities will be reduced from 241 to 145 because of YEuK's decision to close natural science programs in state universities that accepted less than 11 students in 2014.
Proposition 1: Within the present context, the term "natural science" describes the gnosiologic construct.
Questioning authority; political resistance and the ethic of natural science.
The new Natural Science Building has opened at Palm Beach Community College (PBCC) in Lake Worth, FL.
Houston Museum of Natural Science, One Hermann Circle Drive, Houston, TX 77030.

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