natural state

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The researchers predict that 10% of the arable land currently in use could be returned to a more natural state by 2060.
Philanthropists and conservationists are now pulling down the fences and returning the grasslands to their natural state.
a) Natural state, which is nonpolitical and anti-political, is starting to point on the rethinking of the state background
The natural state was not protected by the development of 30 rather than 62 units.
He lays out nutrition and exercise guidelines, such as a new food pyramid, and a thorough explanation of why food closer to its natural state is healthier.
He actually went to Hawaii to study the stuff in its natural state, then figured out a process to produce and work it in a foundry.
It's a natural state of mind very much like daydreaming.
Drawing on examples from literature, history and film, he depicts the classroom as a natural state of ethical action and argues that educators must work to create classrooms where all opinions can be heard and equally valued, so that students realize the importance of self-education and become creators of their own lives.
Fewer than half, just 42 per cent, of the Britons surveyed believed that staying faithful to one partner was 'the natural state for human beings'.
By twisting, the resilient member approaches its natural state.
Although contemporary societies are quite Hobbesian, O'Manique is convinced that this is neither the natural state nor the original position.
The natural state of existence is whole": The universe itself is "circular .