natural state

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This scheme will help fulfil our ambition to be the first generation to leave the natural environment in a better state while returning thousands of hectares of peatland to their natural state.
Financial details were not released for the deal, in which Natural State, led by Roby Brock, purchased the business journal's parent company, Gray Matters LLC of Springdale, from Darin and Tami Gray.
He said, outstanding scenery, majestic places, natural flora and fauna in natural state renders positive impacts on visitors' mind thus helping divert a nation's attitude towards a healthy tract.
The researchers predict that 10% of the arable land currently in use could be returned to a more natural state by 2060.
Philanthropists and conservationists are now pulling down the fences and returning the grasslands to their natural state.
a) Natural state, which is nonpolitical and anti-political, is starting to point on the rethinking of the state background
Generally, examples provided in the legislative history concern the preservation of the natural state of land.
Herbs also address vitamin and mineral deficiencies, providing a synergistic complex of hundreds of nutrients, in the easy-to-utilize natural state.
To figure out what genes lie behind the natural state of stalled development, Joel Rothman of the University of California, Santa Barbara and his colleagues searched through a collection of mutant C.
Yeah, it says right here: 'Because your farm operations have altered the use of the land from its natural state, your trees are considered to be an anthropogenic (human caused) source of methane gas and are subject to legal action under the Endangered Species Act.
The plant, to be located in Saint John, will revert liquefied gas to its natural state for transport to consumers through pipelines by 2008, according to Repsol.
He lays out nutrition and exercise guidelines, such as a new food pyramid, and a thorough explanation of why food closer to its natural state is healthier.