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If we find ourselves with 40 to 50 surplus drivers, we couldn't wait for natural wastage to clear that up," he added.
Some 650 will go where possible by natural wastage or voluntary means.
Many people have left through natural wastage such as retirement or where fixed-term contracts have come to a natural end.
All departments need to restructure and slim down and this had always been done by natural wastage, voluntary redundancy and re-deployment - but not with this pair.
It hoped natural wastage, retirements, and nonreplacement of staff who leave the authority would reduce job losses.
At the same time Volvo Aero plans to reduce the number of white-collar employees by some 100 through natural wastage and a reduced number of consultants.
We have trimmed our workforce through natural wastage and redundancy," he said.
We still believe the losses could be absorbed through natural wastage.
Treasurer Stuart Crow said: "There will be a certain number of job losses, probably between 20 and 30, but they will take place over a number of years and be natural wastage.
By the end of the year we will have no more than 2,500 staff offshore and that will be managed through natural wastage and not redundancy.
However, in view of transfer possibilities and natural wastage DSM does not expect any major problems in this area.
Chief constable Chris Sims said the proposals would be met through natural wastage and the controversial A19 process, which sees officers with 30 years or more experience forced to retire.