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Any decision to strip nationality from a naturalised citizen could only be applied on an individual basis, meaning families would not have their passports revoked based on the actions of a single member.
Let me explain why I am sceptical about Flanagan's attempt to present Buddhism naturalised.
The larger-flowered Dutch crocus, also work well naturalised in grass or gravel, although can be susceptible to weather damage, especially when the flowers are fully open.
GET DIGGING: It's not too late to plant springflowering bulbs which will add colour to your garden in a few months time ADDING COLOUR: Crocusses growing against a wall covered in moss, above, and others growing on a lawn, below LITTLE BEAUTIES: Snowdrops are well suited to be naturalised in grass
I don't think I'd like to see 11 naturalised players in the national team.
l Any naturalised citizen who acquired Bahraini passport through fraud, forged documents or concealment of essential information.
But the roadside naturalised bulbs are now starting to emerge.
As an American citizen and naturalised German, Joyce could not have been convicted of treason against the Crown, except that the prosecution successfully argued on a technicality that having lied about his nationality to obtain a British passport and to vote, Joyce thus owed allegiance to the King.
The first citizenship ceremonies have recently been held, as immigrants become naturalised Britons.
Mr Al Hamad has tried his best to avoid speaking about naturalised Bahrainis, but in a course of a year and three months, this has been one of the hot topics that the opposition constantly quibbles about in their meetings.
Manama: Two political societies have lent their weight to a call for the harshest lawful punishments to be brought against four naturalised Bahrainis accused of kidnapping and raping a 16-year-old boy, near his home in East Riffa.
I REQUEST the authorities to look into the citizenship law as there are many long-term residents still waiting to be naturalised.