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Three lawmakers had called for an amendment to the 1976 Housing Law that would ultimately categorise applicants as native Bahrainis and naturalised Bahrainis.
Jalal Kadhem said several naturalised Bahrainis were getting homes and housing allowances while they are in their home country.
Abdul Halim Murad, MP for Al Asala, said the interior ministry should have more security patrols in East Riffa where many Bahrainis have complained of feeling of uneasy because of a surge in expatriate bachelors and naturalised Bahrainis living in the area.
l Any naturalised citizen who acquired Bahraini passport through fraud, forged documents or concealment of essential information.
Mr Al Hamad has tried his best to avoid speaking about naturalised Bahrainis, but in a course of a year and three months, this has been one of the hot topics that the opposition constantly quibbles about in their meetings.
But what about naturalised Bahrainis' children (above 18) living here for a long time, some for more than 20 years, and are loyal to Bahrain but still awaiting citizenship?
A naturalised Bahraini policeman of Syrian origin was fined BD100, while the third man, also of Syrian origin, got a six-month suspended sentence by paying BD100.
One thing really disturbed me, when one of the students Abdulla Ebrahim Al Saffar commented on naturalised Bahrainis.
I READ about withdrawal of Bahraini passports from a naturalised Bahraini family.
MANAMA: The Interior Ministry has withdrawn the passports from a naturalised Bahraini family citing irregularities.
A BAHRAINI who allegedly attacked a naturalised Syrian family with a Molotov cocktail in Hamad Town had been acting under the influence of drugs, the Interior Ministry said yesterday.
The three Bahrainis and three naturalised Bahrainis, of Syrian origin, are standing trial at the Lower Criminal Court, following clashes in Hamad Town last year.