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Moreover, the students' preferred tasks (sharing experiences, problem solving, creative tasks, listing, and comparing) and strategies (practicing naturalistically, setting goals, planning for a language task, and cooperating with peers and proficient users) might have enhanced this language skill.
This is no mean feat, requiring, as it does, the performance of two tricks unprecedented in the history of human thought: commanding scientific consensus with metaphysical claims on the one hand, and naturalistically resolving the conundrums of meaning on the other.
The style is naturalistically Borsht Belt, chatty and opinionated in tone with some Freudian takes on personal histories, but the book is strongly researched by an academic historian and socioculturally aware.
Those who are naturalistically inclined would like to know whether such virtues are in fact attainable, in light of evidence from social and cognitive psychology suggesting that they might not be.
One wall of the show is hung with a series of pencil sketches of individual male and female figures, naturalistically rendered.
A game might offer information naturalistically, as part of the game's imaginary universe; or it might augment the world of the game with overlays, symbols, and menus.
The petals of this one are made from an attractive opalescent glass, the stem being naturalistically modelled in green.
The serpents entwined around the figures' arms and legs and the raw emotion of father and sons as they struggle to escape, inspired sculptors of the 16th and 17th centuries to portray their figures more naturalistically.
The work is saved from being twee by the artist's very close attention to craft in an illustration tradition (the landscapes and animals are naturalistically and skillfully rendered in oils, though the animals are placed in human poses), and by a smart sense of humor.
Once we isolate what is naturalistically respectable in Buddhism, we can see a wealth of philosophical insight from which analytic philosophers and scientific naturalists can benefit.
Besides addressing the Kantian problem of the limits of the reason Otto seems to have provided a structure of non-rational or pre-rational feeling that it can be interpreted as properly basic and therefore not necessarily outside of what can be described naturalistically.
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