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In The Bodhisattva's Brain, Flanagan analyses naturalistically acceptable Buddhist metaphysics, epistemology and ethics to present an account of [happiness.
Sometimes, one's more in focus than the other and you think 'I know this looks great but I don't know what the hell I'm doing' or you try and play something a bit naturalistically and within this style of production that just looks weak.
Perhaps the most significant attempt to define health naturalistically is Christopher Boorse's Biostatistical Theory, hereafter BST (Boorse 1977, 1997).
Hallaq describes premodern Islamic law naturalistically, as having both nourished and sustained a particular and complex "ecology," one that existed dialectically between Islamic law's normative commitments to a particular legal epistemology that generated a system of legal pluralism, and a social reality that was composed of a plurality of social groups.
Gavin and Stacey is one of those shows that really tugged at the heartstrings and it was done so naturalistically that it made the viewers feel like they actually knew these people.
2003) Predictive Validity of the ASAM Patient Placement Criteria for Naturalistically Matched vs.
This "sea change" was effected by such works as Bryan MacMahon's play The Honey Spike (1961; novelized in 1967), which, Burke asserts, naturalistically and empathetically represents "Traveller difference" from both Unionist and Republican traditions on the divided island of Ireland.
One labor-saving practice would be to develop standardized checklists or other formats for organizing information collected naturalistically.
While I would agree with the strategic element of Hughes' critique of Dib's collection of stories, I would also like to rethink the naked existentiality of the depicted violence in Dib's work, what I have been rethinking here as the dialectic of violence which is materially rooted rather than naturalistically based.
Simultaneously, however, the orchestra imitated quite naturalistically the sounds of the raging weather outside the house.
38) On the basis of scientific findings about the evidence presented, the Congregation accepts only a small fraction even of naturalistically inexplicable events as miraculous.
David Zimmerman, for instance, says that someone like Beth "may feel cheated of something valuable, namely the opportunity for naturalistically realized self-creation.