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Several, including daffodils, naturalize well in all Western climates, establishing themselves in the garden to deliver repeat bloom year after year (see page 68 for planting tips).
It's not the snappy title that states the collection's overall aim - to reveal "architecture and masculinity to be mutually reinforcing ideologies, each invoking the other to naturalize and to uphold its particular claims and intentions" - in a single word.
Under Syrian Arab citizenship legislation, the application of a foreigner to naturalize into Syrian Arab citizenship must be submitted in writing and requires a "recommendation" (iqtirah) by the Minister of Interior as well as separate legislation in each case, subject to application in writing and on the condition that the applicant has the full exercise of his mental faculties and was not declared legally incompetent (Article 4.
High Commissioner for Refugees denied reports that it was seeking to naturalize Syrian refugees Wednesday.
Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah regarding flaws in a decree to naturalize some
He illustrates how Garcilaso internalized Petrarchism and also amalgamated classical, cancionero, and other Italian poetry so as to naturalize Petrarch within a larger tradition rather than allowing him to be the tradition, creating a space in which Garcilaso could present himself as that tradition's culmination.