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8 million who were eligible to naturalize but had not done so.
In addition, immigrants from countries with low proportions of naturalized citizens spend more years as LPRs before they naturalize.
Younger immigrants, who generally possess weaker attachments to their countries of origin and more years to benefit from citizenship, are more likely to naturalize than older immigrants.
133) Several bills have been introduced that would promote English literacy and civics education for immigrants preparing to naturalize.
Many LPRs eligible to naturalize, particularly persons age 65 and older, have not done so because of concerns over passing the English and civics naturalization examinations.
Such individuals must wait until they physically reside in the United States to fulfill the naturalization requirements, prolonging their time required to naturalize.
5 million LPRs who were eligible to naturalize have not done so, out of a total estimated LPR population of 13.
INA [section]310 confers upon the Attorney General and USCIS the authority to naturalize persons as citizens of the United States unless applicants are subject to the exclusive oath administration authority of an eligible court per INA [section]310(b), 8 U.
Because the cost of replacing a green card was nearly the same as that to naturalize, many LPRs reportedly chose to naturalize instead.