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Ringwood) passes with a wooden box, containing silver flagons, and cries "Pots" with such exquisite humour and naturalness that the whole house rings with applause, and a bouquet is thrown to him.
Her preoccupied naturalness was in strange contrast to her father's pomposity and to William's military rigidity.
The extraordinary ferocity with which Razumihin received this "spontaneous" mirth gave the whole scene the appearance of most genuine fun and naturalness. Razumihin strengthened this impression as though on purpose.
One technique that aims to preserve the naturalness of images recolored for dichromat viewers is proposed by Kuhn et al.[11].
Among his topics are ego-identified and spirit-identified, impartiality to centrality, distrust to naturalness, greatness to spontaneity, differentiation to homing, violence to completion, deviating to cultivating, hindering to advancing, and blaming to responsibility.
The Adequacy of Resemblance Nominalism about Perfect Naturalness, RALF BUSSE
Derma E offers eco-ethical skincare and is one of only four brands to garner the highest recognition for 'naturalness' from independent industry analysts.
We examine empirical data concerning motion-based game players' perceived naturalness of motions and the degree of presence, enjoyment and gaming performance.
The rivers in and around Dhaka are in a pitiable state for a long time, but the point here is we are yet to see any serious efforts to restore the naturalness of these rivers.
The Value of Welshness report, on behalf of Food and Drink Wales, found that Welsh provenance in food branding, such as Blas Y Tir and Edwards of Conwy, reinforced the image of "naturalness".
The results of this test show that millennials find four material design strategies-and only four-to be indicative of a product's overall sustainability: durability (extending the product's life), naturalness, degradability (minimizing the impact of disposal), and rawness (minimal processing) of the product.
Living garden concept including new cosmetics consisting of hand lotion, hand soap and room odor branded with Molton Brown a brand identified with refreshment, naturalness and luxury-, are presented on specially designed wooden stands with live plants in business class lavatories.

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