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Her preoccupied naturalness was in strange contrast to her father's pomposity and to William's military rigidity.
The extraordinary ferocity with which Razumihin received this "spontaneous" mirth gave the whole scene the appearance of most genuine fun and naturalness.
The rivers in and around Dhaka are in a pitiable state for a long time, but the point here is we are yet to see any serious efforts to restore the naturalness of these rivers.
With health and freshness being macro trends in food and drink, this positive association between Welsh and naturalness is a valuable attribute of Welsh produce," suggested the report.
The results of this test show that millennials find four material design strategies-and only four-to be indicative of a product's overall sustainability: durability (extending the product's life), naturalness, degradability (minimizing the impact of disposal), and rawness (minimal processing) of the product.
Living garden concept including new cosmetics consisting of hand lotion, hand soap and room odor branded with Molton Brown a brand identified with refreshment, naturalness and luxury-, are presented on specially designed wooden stands with live plants in business class lavatories.
2004) and Rozin (2006) show that consumers prefer "natural" entities and believe that naturalness influences the health value of food (Siipi, 2013).
New developments in the food and beverage market are driven by the trend towards more naturalness and healthiness, while offering unlimited indulgence at the same time.
To consumers, the olfactory experience of household cleaners can signal either the cleaner's pleasant naturalness or harsh chemical make-up," according to David Sprinkle, research director, Packaged Facts.
They fall into three basic categories: theoretical approaches to simulation and modeling (for mass transfer, extraction processes, and solubility properties), nanotechnologies and nano-microencapsulation technologies, and "green" processing techniques to address concerns about the naturalness and safety of natural products and their manufacturing.
Clarity, accuracy and naturalness were maintained in rendering the revised English NWT into Pangasinan, so all of our local readers can accurately learn the Bible's message in their own tongue.
Booklist, in a starred review, called it "captivating" and noted its mashup of fantasy and reality, naturalness and warmth.

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