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There's always been some sort of a nature study component.
In the Nature study, DNA was damaged and could no longer emit signals to maintain cellular function or structure.
What the animal section of the 600 Set does index under "Nature Study" includes 34 pictures of horses, 14 of mules and donkeys, and 15 of various types of cattle.
In these encounters, whether engaged in serious nature study or flights of whimsey, I have been reminded of the importance of conservation.
Louise Bourgeois' Nature Study is a polished bronze of a female figure with six breasts.
The Little Woods of Stockbridge Association, along with children's nature study group the Stockbridge Junior Rangers will be working in the wood to help bring it into community use.
Nature study days are being held at Moat House Farm, in Shustoke, on Wednesday and Thursday from 10am until 4pm.
Designing service-learning to empower students and community: Jackson Elementary builds a nature study center.
For those interested in wildlife, particularly birds, this nature study highlights ravens in the Teton area of Wyoming.
Pedagogical texts on nature study written in the form of dialogues between mothers and their children advocate for the kindly treatment of all animals as matter of good etiquette, and even social justice.
The best lesson of the week was nature study when we would go out into the local fields and climb trees, and see how many different leaves, birds or flowers we could find.
The Nature study may be of special interest to researchers studying cystic fibrosis, because one of the genes analyzed is mutated in people with that disease.