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The Horrid Henry creator, pictured, will be arguing with author Steven Butler that her character is naughtier than Dennis the Menace as part of the festival next Saturday.
I think it appeals to consumers of all ages - you can serve it to children while adults will like the naughtier side of it.
Stormy spun a spell, using old-school moves, combined with naughtier neo-burlesque, that Ishtar, the Babylonian goddess of love and war, would envy
2Fun-loving and feisty, Westwood's latest offering opens with innocent wafts of bergamot and rose before tempting you with altogether naughtier notes of vanilla and blond wood.
Since we weren't in a particular rush, we decided to warm up with a hot drink first - a filter coffee for T and a naughtier milky one for myself - and I must say it was a pleasant change not having to battle through the inches of froth that unfortunately seems to be the norm these days.
There''s something very dystopian and retro about a blank pack - it makes them feel even naughtier.
But fast forward a few years, and obviously with a few naughtier bones in my body, I was actually looking forward to tuning in to the annual event, to see some half-soaked celebrity make a show of themselves.
I was quite similar to Violet when I was little, although perhaps a bit naughtier.
New single Wicked Heart also shows off this new naughtier side, as Diana sings about wanting a man she can't have.
Washington, Nov 6 (ANI): Katy Perry has admitted that boyfriend Russell Brand has brought out her naughtier side.
PARENTS believe children are unhappier and naughtier if not given enough time to play, a survey has found.
Yesterday Brand deployed the Ken Livingstone defence, suggesting that while itwas true he had been a bit naughty, the Daily Mail had been much naughtier in the 1930s in endorsing Hitler and his British followers.