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Natalie & Naughtily is a whimsical children's picturebook about two young girls (Natalie always does things one way, and Naughtily always does things another way) who live in a house on top of the greatest department store in the world.
On any given day, countless things can make you smile, add a little spring to your step or make you giggle naughtily in that I-have-a-secret-nobody-knows kind of way.
Jonson naughtily ascribed a "Membrana" that "made her
Within, for example, our homes, whether we act wildly, naughtily, generously, alertly, obscenely, and so forth, is up to us to decide because we have the right to private property.
Patterson naughtily refers to the piece," Oh you mean the one that caused a bit of a ruckus?
Boys being boys, Eseki and his fellow goatherds and cattleherds constantly cross over to the "heathen" side, where one day they even naughtily explore the taste of baboon meat at the communal fireplace.
Similarly, but naughtily," says Anil in a wonderfully appropriate observation, "BOOB is a triply (or sex-tuply) self-depicting word--a frontal view flanked by two Dolly Parton top views.
DeMille's Samson and Delilah (1949)" and Lindvall's (2002) naughtily titled "The Organ in the Sanctuary: Silent Film and Paradigmatic Images of the Suspect Clergy.
But her kid and his dog contrive a second cute meet, when Marisa is naughtily decked out in a guest's designer outfit.
He was also continuing his exploration of "Paris by night" with a collection of naughtily seductive photos, Le secret des annes '30, for which he wrote a lively text.
She sees a small bird perched naughtily on a cross; a moon-shaped stone broken in two like a wafer; smells the lush scent of chrysanthemums--those gallic flowers of death--and boxwood.