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There's naughtiness all around us' according to Mrs Brightspark, Superbot's inventor.
The two conditions quite often go together, as do some other conditions that, to some, might just look like naughtiness.
8DA 3850 followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Turmoil 9 Owner 10 Licit 11 Grenade 12 Emu 13 Catholic 16 Wear down 17 Kin 19 Jackass 21 Opera 22 Coral 23 Settles DOWN: 1 Atelier 2 Preclude 3 Gout 4 Lovelorn 5 Inca 6 Order 8 Lighthouses 13 Curtails 14 Inkwells 15 En masse 18 Eject 20 Cure 21 Oats QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Possibility 8 Sob 9 Rat 11 Plotter 12 Spire 13 Ale 14 Odd 15 Auditor 17 Err 19 Edgy 21 Afar 23 Rope 25 Howl 27 Lip 29 Ushered 31 Ali 34 Bra 36 Rider 37 Portion 38 Toe 39 Awe 40 Naughtiness DOWN: 1 Poll 2 Oboe 3 Satsuma 4 Berlin 5 Lasso 6 Trio 7 Yard 8 Spare 10 Teddy 16 Rep 18 Raw 20 Del 22 Flu 24 Overrun 25 Heart 26 Teapot 28 Plane 30 Sprig 32 Lion 33 Idea 34 Bias 35 Rows
Steph and Dom always seem to bring their own brand of naughtiness to any show they're watching.
Comedy hotness and naughtiness as Graham's guests include the hilarious Melissa McCarthy from Bridesmaids ('I'll take first watch') as well as pretty boy Jude Law.
This entertaining book portraying adults as victims of naughtiness reveals to kids how their behavior can make all those nice adults feel rejected or afraid.
It also suggests that RE is seen as the least useful subject to learn, and that for most people, the height of naughtiness was to skip school or not do their homework.
To people who say that naughtiness shouldn't be medicalised, he warns that ignoring conduct disorder is neglectful.
It's far too easy to stop off at the shop and grab a bar of instant naughtiness rather than make a protein shake, much to my coach's despair
Tune in to this adventurous tale, filled with Shinchan's naughtiness and tomfoolery only on Hungama TV this Sunday, January 27, 2013at 11 am.
LAST TANGO IN HALIFAX BBC1, 9pm Don't panic - despite the title, the plot won't involve any naughtiness in a West Yorkshire town.
Despite the title - Last Tango In Halifax - the plot doesn't involve any naughtiness in a West Yorkshire town in the style of Marlon Brando and Maria Schneider in a notorious, similar-sounding 1970s movie.