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And all good children to whom he related this story, took great heed of this naughty Cupid; but he made fools of them still, for he is astonishingly cunning.
And you're a naughty girl, and you sha'n't go fishing with me to-morrow.
She knew she was naughty to her mother, but she had never been naughty to Tom--had never
and Silas let her out again, saying, "Now Eppie 'ull never be naughty again, else she must go in the coal-hole--a black naughty place.
I'll not trust you over the threshold again, you naughty, naughty girl
But it is naughty, like a young child; and if I hold not its mouth, it screameth too loudly.
When I reproved them, or refused to gratify their wishes, after a glaring fault, it should be more in sorrow than in anger: their little hymns and prayers I would make plain and clear to their understanding; when they said their prayers at night and asked pardon for their offences, I would remind them of the sins of the past day, solemnly, but in perfect kindness, to avoid raising a spirit of opposition; penitential hymns should be said by the naughty, cheerful ones by the comparatively good; and every kind of instruction I would convey to them, as much as possible, by entertaining discourse--apparently with no other object than their present amusement in view.
You naughty, wicked child,--you've been stealing this
Topsy, you naughty girl, don't you tell me a lie,--you stole that ribbon
When Miss Ophelia expatiated on Topsy's naughty, wicked conduct, the child looked perplexed and sorrowful, but said, sweetly.
I WOULD have to say that I wholeheartedly agree with Barbara Dunn and her recent letter regarding smacking naughty children (Talkback, November 9).
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