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I had to get radiation treatments to make sure it wouldn't return, which made me so nauseated that one night I told my mom to just shoot me.
In experiments conducted over the past decade, they found that male rats frequently get nauseated and develop taste aversions following injections of the female sex hormone, estrogen.
VAN NUYS - An ice skating rink was evacuated and two young ice skaters were taken to a hospital as a precaution after people became nauseated from elevated levels of carbon monoxide, fire officials said.
In some people, the insulin lowers the glucose level too vigorously and they become light-headed, weak or nauseated.
Moreover, patients who are unconscious or nauseated might absorb drugs more effectively through skin patches.
It is difficult for many nauseated patients to swallow oral medications, and many patients dislike injections and suppositories.
He was feeling nauseated Thursday morning and thought he couldn't make the blood drive at Shepherd of the Valley Church, but when he saw the full parking lot, he got a surge of energy.
When this happens, oxygen is not transported into the bloodstream efficiently, and you can become short of breath, nauseated, and disoriented.
By removing a person from a motion-sickness-inducing environment as soon as the EGG looks irregulat, which happens before the person feels ill, he hopes to break up the stimulus-response association and gradually increase the amount of time before the person get nauseated.
Marinol, manufactured by Unimed Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:UMED), is an oral medication that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved for patients requiring appetite stimulation and for patients undergoing chemotherapy that causes them to become nauseated.
GLENDALE - About 60 employees from the Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale were evacuated Tuesday afternoon after complaints of a pungent odor that caused some to feel nauseated.
The cloud reportedly tasted bitter and made them nauseated, dizzy and weak, so they retreated until 10:30 a.