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When Lisa arrived, she was instantly alienated from the rest of the group, uniting the already nauseatingly amiable house-clique in their hatred of her.
It's a horror movie rooted in such dark, sad aspects of human behavior that the alarming imagery director Takashi Miike eventually thrusts upon us seems as heartbreakingly apt as it is nauseatingly original.
The scenes of widespread rejoicing whipped up by spokespeople for this industry have been nauseatingly hypocritical.
the usually sophisticated friend screamed as she tried to fathom Lily's girlish, nauseatingly sweet drawing.
The eight-year-old boy is one of those nauseatingly wise and perky kids that Americans do so well.
The real are those names never (Sadly, I wasn't quick enough to avoid Prince Charles waffling on about how splendid our soldiers were - such patriotism sits a little nauseatingly alongside such past princely statements as 'If the Labour government ever gets around to banning foxhunting, I might as well leave this country and spend the rest of my life skiing.
One; the song is so nauseatingly sentimental that it debases the Christian religion, and two; any treatment of this kind by a dance band is entirely unsuitable.
award (Paris Inspires Sickness Here) is being smuggled into the clink to the manicured mitts of the nauseatingly insincere Ms Hilton.
I've known some nauseatingly narcissistic knobs in my time, but this guy really takes the biscuit (and probably a very soggy one at that, if you catch my drift).
Leaving aside for the moment the nauseatingly patronising and condescending nature of that argument, we now have to consider whether the National Assembly has earned the right to have greater powers.
My parents weren't quite The Modern Parents from Viz (a nauseatingly right-on cartoon couple) and I don't ever remember them wandering about in the buff, but they certainly didn't teach me that it was shameful to take your clothes off.
The show comes complete with a waiting area designed to resemble the headquarters of Cyberdyne Systems (the company that builds the mankind-hating computers), a nauseatingly chirpy corporate hostess (whose subsequent, cheer-inducing demise makes for ironic fun in the midst of Universal's corporate entertainment complex) and some live-action rebels who shoot off guns and drive motorcycles through the auditorium.