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When our sane and learned lunatic made that very statement of how he used to consume life, his mouth was actually nauseous with the flies and spiders which he had eaten just before Mrs.
Her majesty used to put a bit of meat upon one of my dishes, out of which I carved for myself, and her diversion was to see me eat in miniature: for the queen (who had indeed but a weak stomach) took up, at one mouthful, as much as a dozen English farmers could eat at a meal, which to me was for some time a very nauseous sight.
When the wind of adversity began to blow upon the housekeeping of the Rue des Fossoyeurs--that is to say, when the forty pistoles of King Louis XIII were consumed or nearly so--he commenced complaints which Athos thought nauseous, Porthos indecent, and Aramis ridiculous.
It rose and fell again and turned over, showing in fresh form much of the nauseous detail which had been visible earlier.
For a time there were some dungeon lights burning, as the lamp of life hums in Tom-all-Alone's, heavily, heavily, in the nauseous air, and winking--as that lamp, too, winks in Tom-all-Alone's--at many horrible things.
People suffering from heat stroke may pass out, throw up or feel very nauseous and have a rapid strong pulse.
Difficulty eating and feeling full quickly, or feeling nauseous.
No matter which party is in power the PM rarely answers an Opposition question and the planted Government questions are frankly quite nauseous.
The thought of dabbing around with rags to save a few bob makes me feel rather nauseous.
But false modesty can be nauseous - secretly you know you look great" Who is this idiot?
The man had reported he felt drowsy, had diffi-culty breathing and was nauseous.