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Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared the Navigated Brian Stimulation System for use in the assessment of the primary motor cortex for pre-procedural planning.
These can be navigated through "branch" levels to "leaf" levels, which are populated with a full spectrum of web-based design information including links to specific solutions from semiconductor vendors.
A combination of our newly-announced Seamark Navigation Server with SchemaLogic's solution may truly improve how information can be navigated, used and stored.
Before we began our site re-design," explains Krishna Murthy, vice president and chief information officer for Builder Homesite, "we studied how thousands of new home shoppers navigated NewHomeSource -- where they spent the most time, where they exited, where they generated leads.
The system is designed to work with the Siemens Axiom Artis dFC digital fluoroscopy system, which is used to visualize the devices as they are navigated.
The entire site is navigated with simple, clear menu tabs that make it faster and easier for investors to get to the information and tools they need.