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NaviGates Web does not require users to download a program to their computers.
Hotspot Navigation -- Easily navigate applications by touching dynamically generated hotspots
Semio's solutions help companies optimize the value of their online information and gain a critical competitive advantage by effectively organizing content so that users can easily navigate, retrieve and analyze the information they need.
The new "shared play" feature allows players to work cooperatively to navigate Croc through his adventures.
These common categories allow intranet or Web site managers to organize enterprise information flexibly and employees to navigate information more quickly and more easily.
20, 1996--Libertech, a Research Triangle-based developer of software to visualize, analyze, navigate and support new forms of research in complex electronic databases, today announced the release of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Knowledge-Visualization Database.
V-Search organizes, maps, and navigates complex hyperlinked networks such as large commercial collections of electronic documents, documents on the World Wide Web, or data currently stored in multiple tables in relational databases.
Called "Host Aware Technology," it recognizes host screens, navigates to specific screens and activates events based on the final destination screen.