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Tyler's party had been able to navigate this channel because their craft had been a submarine; but the Toreador could as easily have flown over the cliffs as sailed under them.
San Rafael Creek, up which we had to go to reach the town and turn over our prisoners to the authorities, ran through wide-stretching marshes, and was difficult to navigate on a falling tide, while at low tide it was impossible to navigate at all.
To navigate a vessel through the reefs and shoals and passages and unlighted coasts of the coral seas is a man's work in itself.
From to-day a child will be able to navigate a ship.
11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Available now for iOS and Android, mobile navigation app Pynit easily navigates users to the places they visit most for free.
com)-- Gates Corporation, a global, diversified manufacturer of industrial and automotive products, announces a new, enhanced Web version of NaviGates, its innovative online product and parts catalog that has been providing customers with instant access to accurate information since 2009.
SmartPanning[TM] -- Enables the use of larger, easier-to-read fonts by dynamically panning the screen as the user navigates the application
Content is presented in a context that dynamically shifts as the user navigates drawing users deeper into Semio's taxonomy structure so they can explore related content and find mission-critical information.
A colorful adventure filled with challenges, Croc navigates through more than 40 new levels and faces a showdown with his archenemy Baron Dante.
Verity Knowledge Organizer automatically organizes, classifies and navigates information based on the standard concepts used to organize business information -- such as products, services, customers, competitors, projects or policies.
V-Search organizes, maps, and navigates complex hyperlinked networks such as large commercial collections of electronic documents, Intranet Sites (watch our Web Site for announcements regarding the Webmaster's Watchdog(TM), documents on the World Wide Web, and data stored in any ODBC-Compliant relational database.