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the right of way of the public over a river to use it as a highway.

NAVIGATION. The act of traversing the sea, rivers or lakes, in ships or other vessels; the art of ascertaining the geographical position of a ship, and directing her course.
     2. It is not within the plan of this work to copy the acts of congress relating to navigation, or even an abstract of them. The reader is referred to Story's L. U. S. Index, h.t.; Gordon's Dic. art. 2905, et seq.

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Where is the largest and fastest growing market for the navigational, measuring, electro medical and control instruments manufacturing?
Research has established that mobile navigational devices, such the GPS embedded in one's smartphone, make us less proficient wayfinders.
She pointed out that the navigational map is an official document that is used in marine navigational operations because it contains topographic data with detailed hydrographic data such as the depth, benthic hazards and other information related to navigational aids that provide navigational safety.
Navigational information is key to combat mission success.
The importance of the project is in obtaining accurate data regarding ship speed and time spent in transit, so as to calculate the trips length and arrival time to the destination, with sufficient time in advance to efficiently regulate the navigational traffic.
Turkey is not entitled to issue a navigational telex in relation to an area that falls within the responsibility of the Republic regarding maritime safety and search and rescue operations, it added.
The Herd Groyne remains an important element of navigational safetyMike Nicholson, Port of Tyne harbour master
This has been the key to moving towards the associations' mutual goal which is the continuous improvement of navigational safety.
The Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System-1A (IRNSS-1A) will be the first of the seven satellites to be launched to create an independent navigational system similar to US' Global Positioning system (GPS).
The width of navigational channels is very important for navigational safety and is calculated considering ship parameters and environmental conditions (Alderton 2011; Boffey et al.
A navigational source in the port told Saba that the ship Santa, which is 222 meters in length and carrying 1537 containers of goods, will operate its trips to the port by an international navigational trip a week.
In one of what seems to be a set of six textbooks, scholars mostly from Eastern Europe discuss methods and algorithms, of navigation, collision avoidance, geodetic problems in navigational applications, route planning in marine navigation, and aviation and air navigation.

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