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We all moan about the telly being rubbish over the holidays but whoever thought this film would be a good one for Ne'er Day is a genius.
It is not a question of what type of recruit they take - the point is the army appears to be the only people who can change these ne'er do wells.
The course of true love ne'er does run smooth, especially where computers and kilts are involved.
Idrees's cousin, who was studying in London, tried to deter me from going to Pakistan by quoting `East is East and West is West and ne'er the twain shall meet'.
It's the one where Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee, Peter Stringfellow and a load of other ne'er do wells get mauled by lions.
In the morn when I rise, / I open my eyes, / Tho' I ne'er sleep a wink all night; If I wake e'er so soon, / I still lie till noon, / And pay no regard to the light.
Their desertion - and the subsequent attacks by the ne'er do wells - spell out the wrong message about this vibrant area.
After two years of trying t o get them to erect a garden fence and gate, to prevent ne'er do wells from getting into my garden, I feel a certain cynicism when the next grand proposal is unveiled.
A popular event in the revamped Lower Precinct (above left) and (right) Watford, described as Coventry's "grim, ne'er do well southern brother"
The second Triad which is flowering yet In this eternal never-fading spring, Ne'er by the Ram in his night-raids beset,
With earth threatened by a sinister and oh-so-muscular band of space baddies, an interplanetary cry for help goes out for a hero to fight off these ne'er do-wells.