ne plus ultra

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Ironically, following Franck's death in 1890 Lekeu plunged right into the ne plus ultra of academic exercises, the Belgian Prix de Rome; many letters detail his frustrations with the same grade of humor as Hector Berlioz's earlier memoir account of the analogous French competition.
It coincides with two important Nota Bene brand milestones, the launch of the Manhattan issue of NB Pulse, and the recent launch of Nota Bene Travel, the ne plus ultra in travel advisory service and travel planning.
The ne plus ultra of paranormality involves contact across the membrane between the dead and the living--a connection pursued by the most affecting works here.
Which leads to the Takumi, the ne plus ultra of craftsmanship, the small group of individuals at that Tahara Plant who are dedicated to assuring that the LS 460s are first-class vehicles in all sensible aspects.
Be that as it may, throughout the twentieth century artists and photographers have often moved from one camp to the other, among them, Man Ray, Frederick Kiesler, Herbert List, Salvador Dali, Edward Steichen, Irving Penn, and Andy Warhol, who perhaps represents the ne plus ultra of crossover careers.
It was the ne plus ultra plant of its time, when visions of "automatic factories" were the Fata Morgana of automotive executives: Robots would do the heavy lifting, the complex tasks, and practically everything else.
Cragg's sculpture is often regarded as the ne plus ultra of what was once called concrete abstraction.
A true provocation, open to multiple interpretations, the ne plus ultra of recycling, Gucci Dog, 2003, is typical of Troncy's exhibition practice.
Consider that gayness is the contemporary signifier ne plus ultra of bourgeois subjectivity: How interesting to imagine these works as if gayness were deployed by Goncalves to take on the history of painting's bourgeois status while simultaneously attempting to resexualize homosexuality (the show's title was "Twelve Inches"), which by now has been Will & Grace'd to the point that it looks like, well, normative reproductive heterosexuality.
3 Richard Serra's Torqued Ellipses (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 1998-99) Serra's Torqued Ellipses belong on a Top Ten of the last half-century as the apotheosis of aesthetics as kinesthetics--the ne plus ultra of "you had to be there" art.