near death

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The University of Michigan research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences this month suggests the brain becomes over-stimulated and hyperexcited in unusual circumstances like near death.
The sufferer feels that he or she is dead, even though not actually near death.
Children of the light: Children's near death experiences.
Cecil Kuhne has collected some really awesome accounts in Near Death in the Mountains.
The title, Near Death Experiences of Hospitalized Intensive Care Patients, a Five Year Clinical Study, has been published after Sartori found there was a deficit of similar published data available for healthcare workers.
The author asserts that the major empirical sources of evidence for life after death are from near death experiences and research on reincarnation.
Mortal minds; the biology of the near death experiences.
UNLESS we have recently lost a loved one, discussions about the Afterlife and Near Death experiences make us uncomfortable because it reminds us that we too are mortal.
Terri Schiavo received the sacraments after doctors confirmed she was near death.
As JS went to press, Ararat, 75, was near death in a hospital in Paris, France.
Just as Strangi does not knock out investment FLPs and LLCs (whether formed near death or not), Kimbell does not sanction entity creation near death, without regard to business purpose, in disregard of formalities or with virtually all of the decedent's estate.
Clutching the carmine blanket between him and the world, he succumbs to the physician's sympathetic embrace and, near death, sinks deeper into isolation.