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Is the near-death experience or the phenomenon of the deep experience of seeing, speaking, or experiencing the dead proof of immortality?
In this event, the patient says they had something like a near-death experience, i.
TRYING to prove you've had a near-death experience is just about impossible, but at least Mike Richards had something to show for his.
Attentive viewers may recall that Nate's near-death experience on ``Six Feet Under'' (at the beginning of its third season) ultimately led to the show's death: The character was moved to change his life, becoming as bored and angry as his late father; fans subsequently became as bored and angry as Nate.
Other mammals also probably have near-death experiences comparable to those reported by certain humans, he believes.
Dick Dinges, a noted near-death experience expert, says, "What happened to Dr.
In 1968 he had a near-death experience that was to affect the rest of his life.
A welsh woman who had a near-death experience 40 years ago is to appear in a programme on the subject.
Quite apart from the fact this bozo made the understatement of the century, he's lucky not to have had his throat ripped out by those terrified passengers who might feel the word "unusual" doesn't even come close to describing their near-death experience.
The Cherries face Grimsby in the Auto Windscreens Shield final - strong evidence of renewed life after their near-death experience.
The party system: California's political parties experienced an extended near-death experience in the months running up to Election Day, as polls showed Proposition 62, the Louisiana Primary, coasting to victory.