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copies of single issue published nearest to filing date: 0 (4) Free or Nominal Rate Distribution Outside the Mail (Carriers or other means)
Lot 2 (Veal) Deposits (5% of the initial batch amount (excluding VAT), rounded to the nearest ten years).
The nearest major area of civilisation is Melbourne, something LIKE 60 miles away.
Figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that the company's lead over its nearest rival last month was 15.
Ladies side contests: Longest drive (day 1) -- Jane Guinane (hole 8); nearest the pin (day 1) -- Danni Sheppard (hole 7); longest drive (day 2) -- Dena Wales (hole 11); nearest the pin (day 2) -- Anne Timmers (hole 2).
While 38% of people surveyed knew their balance to the nearest pounds 5, a further 23% knew how much they had to the nearest pounds 20.
To claim your free Dora the Explorer colour your own backpack, simply take the voucher to the Customer Service desk at your nearest Toys 'R' Us store today only, Saturday November 5, 2011.
Schools: Our Lady's Bishop Eton Primary and Calderstones School are the two nearest state schools.
Children "who have applied for a place at the nearest school to their home address measured by the shortest walking route" would be given priority.
I AM writing to ask your readers to donate unwanted Christmas gifts to their nearest Age UK shop this January.
1483) compared two exposure models: one based on the nearest AQMS, and one temporally adjusted geostatistical (TAG) model, which has a finer spatial resolution.