nearly resembling

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Umbopa rose to the occasion, and with something as nearly resembling a grin as I have ever seen on his dignified face he handed me the gun.
Mrs Podsnap is of opinion that in these matters there should be an equality of station and fortune, and that a man accustomed to Society should look out for a woman accustomed to Society and capable of bearing her part in it with--an ease and elegance of carriage--that.' Mrs Podsnap stops there, delicately intimating that every such man should look out for a fine woman as nearly resembling herself as he may hope to discover.
Another great advantage proposed by this invention was, that it would serve as a universal language, to be understood in all civilised nations, whose goods and utensils are generally of the same kind, or nearly resembling, so that their uses might easily be comprehended.
At first I took it for a rumbling in my ears - such as a man sometimes experiences when getting very drunk - but, upon second thought, I considered the sound as more nearly resembling that which proceeds from an empty barrel beaten with a big stick; and, in fact, this I should have concluded it to be, but for the articulation of the syllables and words.
Some of them resembled the corpse we had found upon the narrow beach against Caprona's sea-wall, while others were of a still lower type, more nearly resembling the apes, and yet others were uncannily manlike, standing there erect, being less hairy and possessing better shaped heads.
Mr Emmanuel was in fact temporarily convicted of wearing an article of police uniform in circumstances where it gives him an appearance so nearly resembling that of a member of a police force as to be calculated to deceive, of which was later overturned on appeal.
Outwear was rounded out with bomber jackets (one of which was in a shocking orange), long menswear inspired coats and little jackets nearly resembling the iconic Chanel jacket.
"He attended local pubs with medals and insignia and told detailed stories to the vicar at the local church who then made him a church warden.'' Day pleaded guilty to a charge read out in court as: "On 11 November 2009 you wore a decoration on a badge, on a wing stripe and or on an emblem so nearly resembling a military decoration, badge, stripe or emblem as recognised by defence council as to be calculated to deceive contrary to section 197 1B of the act 1955.'' Simon Marlow-Ridley, defending, said: "Mr Day did not realise it was an offence in what he was doing.
There, a Stop & Shop supermarket is testing "shopping buddy," a wireless technology-based food-shopping system that combines a loyalty card, a customer's purchasing history and a tablet-size touch-screen computer that perches atop the shopper's cart to remarkably simplify the food-shopping ordeal, going so far as to transform it into something nearly resembling a pleasant experience.