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The nebula needs to be observed with great care and time to lift out the variable pieces of nebulosity that intervene with starlight.
2m Schmidt telescope at Palomar in the course of the NEAT program; their images on Aug 24, 26, and 27 showed a spherically symmetrical nebulosity with diameter about 8" [IAUC 7695, 2001 Aug 28].
This is based on a fear that after penciling through the nebulosity in the owners' needs, there is the chance he or she will bail out and take the refined concept to a lower bidder.
The quasar in the picture is surrounded by a nebulosity that observers first thought was a galaxy.
8) Geminorum, faint nebulosity fills the field between them in a soft haze.
Higher magnification reveals a mist of Christmas decorations shining like glittering faint stars covering the tree in frosted nebulosity.
Roberts was the first deep-sky photographer to go really 'deep'--that is, to use very long exposures to reveal faint nebulosity unsuspected by even the best visual observers.
Filters will bring out the washed-out, delicate nebulosity that extends slightly hazily towards the north-east from the stars.
M63 is a tricky galaxy for the visual observer with a small telescope, and although easy to locate, determining any real structure in it is much more troublesome, the galaxy often appearing as nothing more than an east-west elongated smudge of pale oval nebulosity with a slightly concentrated core.
Careful observation brings to the fore a piece of dark nebulosity intervening among the eastern members of the cluster.
Markwick had his first view of Comet Halley on the evening of 1909 December 3: 'it looked like a little dim patch of nebulosity, somewhat preceding the star 70 Tauri'.
A few emission nebulae are situated towards the north-west fringes of the cloud, an area which latterly has been covered in nebulosity.