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Another patch of nebulosity, although fainter, is situated 1.
Hind's Variable Nebula is usually visible as two or three faint arcs of nebulosity about 40" west or southwest of the irregular variable star, T Tauri, which varies erratically between magnitude 9 and 13.
The faint crescent-shaped haze filters out in a soft filamentary nebulosity towards the north-west.
In 1895, Roberts questioned the reality of nebulosity that Barnard had photographed around the star 15 Monocerotis, which Roberts could not discern on his own three-hour exposure of the same region.
Observing with my 4-inch short-focus reflector from my backyard, I can see that the bright core of nebulosity around the Trapezium is a rectangle with two remarkably straight sides.
One of the more interesting things to look for in this area is the relatively dark void the Trapezium stars appear to float in while surrounded by bright nebulosity.
There is much in common between their image and Andrew's drawing and this is clearly the same object, but the extra nebulosity recorded behind the swan's neck, for example, only faintly visible in Andrew's drawing, is beginning to cloud the traditional swan shape.
The X-ray emission forms a roughly circular patch in the northern part of the visible nebulosity.
Larger telescopes reveal tenuous filaments of nebulosity east, west, and north of the main nebula, making M8 an even bigger target.
The Magellanic supernova was carefully studied as the light built up and faded and as the nebulosity about it expanded and thinned.
With larger telescopes and higher powers, this false nebulosity resolves into stars.
Only a few arc minutes north of the boundary with Canis Major, approximately 3 000 light-years away, hangs the star cluster NGC 2353 in the southern part of an area of soft nebulosity.