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And then back to the gallery, perhaps to the sublime Torre di nebbia (Tower of fog), 2000, which, like a second vertical signpost, ran somewhat diagonally to the walls: four rectangular glass surfaces, painted white on the inside, formed a minimal cuboid whose nebulous volumes attract, absorb, and dissolve one's intrusive gaze.
In fragmented yet rich images typical of a modernist style, the poet evokes feelings of deep pain and anxiety but also possible alleviation through the nebulous figure of Neila, his transformative love.
The former MP Slobodan Najdovski in Utrinski vesnik analyzes that the Government tries to stop the student's protests in order to prove that there is no way any protest to take effect in this country, and labeling the protests of being politically motivated is nebulous.
Winds and radiation from the hot young stars of NGC 6823 near the center of this photo are slowly dispersing the dark nebulous towers of NGC 6820 in Vulpecula.
However, it strikes me that the Government's real motive is to use it as a vehicle for its much-vaunted and rather nebulous "back office cuts".
Each flower, usually blue (although there are pink and white varieties) sits in a lacy ruff of filigree leaves, giving it a nebulous quality.
IF THERE is one thing that would improve the traffic flow in Cardiff, far more than any new tram lines, new railway stations or other nebulous ideas, it would be the completion of the southern link road.
In Ynys Mn's case, however, that tradition has been sullied by a minority of self serving councillors, elected as independents, who immediately set about forming a ridiculous assortment of nebulous groups.