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In addition, Congress intended to fix the Rehabilitation Act's more troublesome nebulousness by ensuring the passage of a "clear and comprehensive national mandate," (73) that would "provide clear, strong, consistent, enforceable standards addressing discrimination against individuals with disabilities.
That same kind of nebulousness is the force that propels Anna and Alec together when an emptiness overwhelms Anna's life and her marriage to the feckless Charlie.
Yet a number of barriers, stemming from semantic nebulousness and technological limitations, prevent newspapers from accurately answering some key questions about their online readerships: Exactly how many readers are out there?
The highly subjective and truncated nature of Horn's letters, not to mention his posthumous nebulousness, could hardly have contributed to a general awareness of the portrait he commissioned.
49] Criteria that are used in public policy debates on how best to rank health services cannot be applied to yield anything like a determinate set of spending priorities or the appropriate selection of services or populations; this report itself bears witness to the nebulousness of such attempts.
But only Latin America, irrational nebulousness in search of a destiny, could produce, through its absurd grotesque, just the opposite: an active, committed, anarchistic, popular, baroque and vital genre.
The debate over trust mills so far has centered on facts that hamstring states' ability to regulate them: the cost of prosecution, (194) the nebulousness of the rules that define unlicensed practice of law, (195) and the shame that prevents many elderly victims from coming forward.