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Rather, the novel uses this nebulousness for its own ideological ends, manipulating it to the point where disability is so faint that it can be entirely erased.
term of "hauntology" to gather a sense of the nebulousness of
Helen Chambers's introduction offers brief working definitions for the three terms of the title--a considerable achievement, given that two of them, despite being somewhat overdetermined through their constant invocation in recent literature, have lost little of their nebulousness in academic discourse.
Herzog's distinctions about when to mingle fact with fiction appear to take place within a corona of nebulousness, and may even appear self-justifying, but then so do most matters of human morality, which in all but a few extreme cases are fluid rather than fixed.
Auerbach's portrait drawings--a group of eight were also on view here--are expressionistic constructions of black lines set against a background of lighter gray lines, confirming the nebulousness and transience of the figure.
Behind the image of nebulousness and impotence suggested by the rideau de nuages, there lies, Leiris claims, a deep-seated fear of death: ".
Lacking a well defined and legitimate Ground, such as you certainly have, and having one such as I have, one which is graspable only in its nebulousness, I can look only to the long adjectival line to stabilize my hold on the field.
if the act of writing is characterized as "dreaming," a centuries-long "knocking" to be listened for, the nebulousness that such statements seem to favor is countered by the author/poet's insistence on unpalatable truths.
In addition, Congress intended to fix the Rehabilitation Act's more troublesome nebulousness by ensuring the passage of a "clear and comprehensive national mandate," (73) that would "provide clear, strong, consistent, enforceable standards addressing discrimination against individuals with disabilities.
Theme of forest destruction by human hands, with selfless caring as the only remedy, is spun along with franchise's usual cycle of fighting and New Age nebulousness.
30) A more than casual interrogation of the history of even the last century underlines, on the contrary, the nebulousness of the definitions of the "local," the "national," and the "global" that fuel Appadurai's argument in the passage above.
The obscurity was now so great that he could see absolutely nothing but a pale nebulousness at his feet, which represented the white muslin figure he had left upon the dead leaves" (pp.