necessary component

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These results suggest neither electrical stimulation nor convulsion is a necessary component of treatment, particularly for chronic schizophrenics.
Androgen, a sex hormone that stimulates and maintains masculine characteristics, is a necessary component in normal prostate function that can also encourage the survival and growth of prostate cancer.
Although the sheds are erected to protect pedestrians from potential falling debris, a shed without a permit could be indicative of a lapse or absence in liability insurance, which is a necessary component for permit renewal and guards against injury and property damage
58-180, that of first finding a necessary component of determining liability and then allowing deduction of a fee paid in connection with resolving that necessary component of liability, does not support deductibility of the credit card fee.
It is not part of the peripheral loop, but it is considered a necessary component for the city's plans to turn the mostly vacant land between Fox Airfield Airport and the freeway into a commercial/industrial zone.
An iron-substituted clay "seems to be a necessary component," he says, and other materials--such as some amount of a highly polymerized hydrocarbon--improve the spectrum.
Leaves are organic matter, a necessary component of healthy soil.
A finding of malice is a necessary component of murder.

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