necessary component

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These results suggest neither electrical stimulation nor convulsion is a necessary component of treatment, particularly for chronic schizophrenics.
Androgen, a sex hormone that stimulates and maintains masculine characteristics, is a necessary component in normal prostate function that can also encourage the survival and growth of prostate cancer.
Although the sheds are erected to protect pedestrians from potential falling debris, a shed without a permit could be indicative of a lapse or absence in liability insurance, which is a necessary component for permit renewal and guards against injury and property damage
58-180, that of first finding a necessary component of determining liability and then allowing deduction of a fee paid in connection with resolving that necessary component of liability, does not support deductibility of the credit card fee.
An iron-substituted clay "seems to be a necessary component," he says, and other materials--such as some amount of a highly polymerized hydrocarbon--improve the spectrum.

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