necessary condition

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Noting that maintaining financial system stability, market confidence and consumer protection are core objectives of the regulator, the governor stressed that it is important to look at financial stability as a necessary condition for achieving prosperity and sustainable growth.
The necessary conditions were shared by a great many societies.
Meanwhile, Bulgariaas Foreign Minister will insist on good-neighbor agreement with Macedonia a a necessary condition for Bulgaria to concur with the start of the negotiations on Macedoniaas accession to the EU.
The author contends that the second necessary condition that enabled the industrial revolution to take place in the northwest of England was the culture of business in the northwest that induced individuals to invest their capital in technical innovations.
Becker and Black present state-of-the-art thinking about "sensitivity," a principle typically characterized as a necessary condition for knowledge.
This model includes definition of heterospecific group, necessary condition of its creation and sufficient condition of its existing, types of relationships in heterospecific group, psychological phenomena arising in such group, and dynamics of heterospecific group functioning.
An obviously necessary condition is that no letters participate in more than 8 bigrams.
The news came the day after Greece paved the way for the payment by voting through a 28 billion austerity plan and 50 billion privatisation programme, which EU ministers said was a necessary condition to secure future international aid for the indebted country.
In [3], Xia and Gao obtained an important necessary condition for the existence of local exponential observers for nonlinear control systems, viz.
Those who support metronome practice generally believe, as a necessary condition, that everything played with the metronome is played musically.
In both cases railroads were considered crucial in developing vast areas with abundant natural resources; as a means of encouraging settlements in a sparsely populated region; as a necessary condition in creating economies to support new settlements, and as the primary defense transport system in the region.

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