necessary condition

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An obviously necessary condition is that no letters participate in more than 8 bigrams.
In [3], Xia and Gao obtained an important necessary condition for the existence of local exponential observers for nonlinear control systems, viz.
I think a successful election is the necessary condition for those outstanding political questions to be resolved .
After simplifying (8), the necessary condition can be rewritten as following.
I explore the following proffered arguments for (ii): (a) indivisibility is a necessary condition of individuality, Co) nonidentity of an embryo with successor twins impugns the embryo's individuality, and (c) totipotency of an embryo's constituents is inconsistent with the embryo's being a human individual.
Those who support metronome practice generally believe, as a necessary condition, that everything played with the metronome is played musically.
In both cases railroads were considered crucial in developing vast areas with abundant natural resources; as a means of encouraging settlements in a sparsely populated region; as a necessary condition in creating economies to support new settlements, and as the primary defense transport system in the region.
Growth is the necessary condition for these transformations to be sustainable, and we expect global GDP to surprise on the upside.
This confluence of events allowed Royalists to portray the monarchy's restoration as a necessary condition for prosperity in an empire based on trade rather than dominion, reversing the new economic discourse's political valence.
Archbishop Williams has observed that a descent into silence is the necessary condition of emergence into effective speech.
However, the Deutsche Bank property is tied up in litigation and it is not clear if the damaged office tower there will be torn down, a necessary condition for incorporating the land into the WTC plan.
I do believe in parental choice, and I think that parental choice is a necessary condition to effective public education.

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