necessary item

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He said that if any necessary item is finished in the hospital, it is bought under local purchase head from the public funds without wasting any time.
6% said a mobile phone had become a necessary item, while 41.
Many of those business owners view computers as a necessary item to keep up with the world, but some Old Order leaders view them as blasphemous.
But angry parents say their children should not be denied normal access to a necessary item because of the behaviour of a few.
The couples were also given necessary items and gold armaments on the occasion.
Tenders are invited for Supply of necessary items to modernise and provide Necessary Facility to SC/ST Hostel within Tiptur CMC limit
Due to these efforts, public would avail extra discount on standard and quality products like sugar, flour, pulses, tea, rice, cooking oil and other necessary items.
Now is the time to gather your family members, pets, irreplaceable and necessary items including prescriptions and documents in case you are ordered to evacuate," an alert from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office said, adding that "If you are ordered to evacuate, leave immediately.
Lahore -- Pakistan Industrial and Traders Associations Front's (PIAF) Chairman Irfan Iqbal Sheikh has reiterated its demand of regulatory duty's withdrawal on import of necessary items including industrial raw material.