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The various races had made war upon one another for ages, and the three higher types had easily bested the green savages of the water places of the world, but now that the receding seas necessitated constant abandonment of their fortified cities and forced upon them a more or less nomadic life in which they became separated into smaller communities they soon fell prey to the fierce hordes of green men.
We have been holding back on the price hikes for a while but now it has been necessitated to partly offset the impact of rising input costs," said Pravin Shah, Chief Executive at M&M, according to an Economic Times report.
But the matter of who is morally responsible for the harm caused by retaliatory force necessitated by an aggressor is simple: The aggressor is.
More than half of parliamentary members should attend, which necessitated a minimum figure of 163 members.
KARACHI, October 13, 2011 (Frontier Star): The windscreen of the plane on flight from Dubai to Peshawar developed some cracks that necessitated its safe landing in Karachi.
KARACHI, October 13, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The windscreen of the plane on flight from Dubai to Peshawar developed some cracks that necessitated its safe landing in Karachi.
Summary: BEIRUT: The head of the syndicate for employees in public and vocational schools, Mahmoud Kamel, urged Cabinet Tuesday to consider school employees as Education Ministry personnel, stressing that the economic uncertainty brought on by rapid inflation necessitated that the ministry secure income levels.
Summary: National Planning, Environment and Tourism Minister Cherif Rahmani stressed Sunday that the promotion of destination Algeria necessitated a global and professional knowledge of the markets, at both national and regional levels.
In addition to a culinary wealth of delicious recipes, Barber also provides tips on stocking a galley, as well as suggestions for recipe substitutions and variations often necessitated by diminishing supplies (a common occurrence at the end of a long voyage).
We reviewed four key areas with respect to the restatements of NSF's fiscal year 2003 financial statements: (1) the nature and cause of the errors that necessitated the restatements, including planned corrective actions by the agency and its auditors; (2) the timing of communicating the material misstatement to users of the financial statements; (3) the extent of transparency exhibited in disclosing the nature and impact of the material misstatement in the financial statements and the reissued auditor's report; and (4) audit issues that contributed to the failure to detect the errors that necessitated the restatements during the audit of the agency's fiscal year 2003 financial statements.
Where conformance to ASTM D3767 is necessitated, the inherent friction resistance of the mechanism, as well as the force introduced by the mass of the movement assembly, is considered.