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BEIRUT: Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk said Monday Lebanon was going through "delicate times" that necessitate solidarity among all state bodies to ensure the security and safety of the Lebanese.
Identification of the technically and economically best sealing solution is said to necessitate extensive knowledge of the characteristics of the various groups of materials used in the field of sealing technology, including silicones, elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers, thermoplastics, metallic seal materials, composite materials and chemically engineered materials.
Signal Z traverses a slightly shorter distance which necessitates the addition of four bumps after point C for trace length compensation.
Increasing the applicable exclusion amount would necessitate corresponding increases in the $1,060,000 GST tax exemption.
This will not, however, be the case for the privacy and security HIPAA rules, which will necessitate development of new and permanent security and privacy functions.
For example, the plant manager has introduced a "plant engineering" function that serves to buffer against corporate engineering, which is sometimes too eager to introduce its latest ideas without a sufficient understanding of the problems and requirements such changes necessitate on the plant floor.
This task necessitates greater attention to the differences and similarities gender played for migrants, as well as attention to age and time of migration.
The useful life is typically measured before the incident that necessitates the repair occurs or is discovered.