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Summary: Interior Minister Nouhad Machnouk said Monday Lebanon was going through "delicate times" that necessitate solidarity among all state bodies to ensure the security and safety of the Lebanese.
NNA - The peaceful solution in Syria necessitates the departure of President Bashar Assad from power, British State Secretary, William Hague, said on the sidelines of his visit to Kuwait Friday.
The party stressed in a statement that "Iraq is passing through turbulent stage that necessitates the Kurdish forces to unite ranks and to face all possibilities.
Ghazi Salahuddin, said that the signing of a peace agreement for solving Darfur issue necessitates support and backing from internal Darfur community
Also, the portability and plug-and-play capability of Mobily's wireless routers necessitates that the service is available in as many locations as possible, because users want to take their routers with them and get online anywhere they want.
This necessitates solutions which are ideally matched to the respective sealing task.
ISO 14001-2004 certification necessitates that a company has an environmental policy in place that states its intentions and commitment to environmental performance as well as a plan for analyzing the environmental impact of its operation with the goal of continual improvement.
Although PCI Express boasts greater I/O bandwidth per pin than prior PCI bus family members, the faster bit rate for PCI Express necessitates using different layout techniques.
This often necessitates large outlays of capital at the onset of the project for items such as replacement and/or relocation of sewer lines, upgrading of telephone, electric and cable wiring, repaving and re-routing of roadways, demolition of older buildings, and major environmental site clean-ups.
Therefore, significant reform of the transfer tax system necessitates an examination of the impact of such transfer tax changes on the income tax system, and how both systems affect complexity, taxpayer compliance burdens, ease of administration, and revenue.
This necessitates input into the decisions by both clinical and technical staff so that the policy adopted is both understood and supported.
Delegation/Participation: Competing today necessitates continuous adjustments to processes that can be accomplished only by delegating responsibility all the way to the factory floor.