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Without migrating themselves, many Southern blacks sent children north to take advantage of better education offered in Cleveland, necessitating some elaborate household arrangements.
An expenditure must also increase the value of the property as compared to the value before the defect arose necessitating the repair.
In our view the alleged changes in building services here at issue - curtailment of operation of a laundry room to 18 hours per day, reduction of playground hours to 10 hours per day, and limiting the freedom or messengers to roam the building - cannot rationally be viewed as a failure to maintain required services necessitating rental adjustment pursuant to the Rent Stabilization Code.
Provide the contract time soon established , and for each the equipment necessitating an exhaustive list of needs in different connections ( electricity , water, etc.
In 15 volunteers, however, the initial therapy failed, necessitating a follow-up treatment.
Not only does gasohol make engines run hotter, necessitating the use of higher-temperature materials, but it also represents a new chemical environment, one which is hostile to many traditional automotive materials.
However, the use of these synthetic implants is undermined by Staphylococcus bacteria, which are able to infect nearly all polymers, often necessitating their removal from the body.
We believe this will allow moderate inventory growth without necessitating significant changes in manufacturing capacity.
The governor's proposed fiscal 2005 budget reduces net state aid another 7%, necessitating further student fee increases, as well as a reduction in student headcount.
Enrollment has increased by about 4,000 students annually over the last decade and is projected to increase by 5,000 a year for the next several years, necessitating substantial capital spending.
This condition can lead to weight loss and dehydration, sometimes necessitating hospitalization and intravenous feeding as well as the use of narcotic drugs to provide pain relief.
This condition can lead to weight loss and dehydration, thus causing further debilitation to their health and sometimes necessitating hospitalization and intravenous feeding, as well as the use of narcotic drugs to provide pain relief.